Wow!  We are finally here, and it feels so good to be HOME!  It’s a new home of course, and with anything new comes excitement, a little nervousness, and a rush of motivation and determination to make CITY Volleyball everything we dreamed it to be.  

     On my 18 year journey of coaching volleyball, I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine.  At only 19 years old, I coached my first high school match, and when I look back all I can think about is what a baby I was.  So many lessons to be learned, so much experience to be gained.  Over the years there were tough losses, challenges I thought I wouldn’t overcome, and even times I thought an early retirement was the only option LOL.  But although there were tough times, there were so many more times that filled my life with joy, success, fun, and relationships with players and families that I will love and appreciate until the end of time.  

     And now sitting here at my new home, all I know is how grateful I am for this journey…and how I can lay my head down to sleep at night knowing that the work I have done through my career has left positive and empowering imprints on the girls I have been lucky enough to coach.  When they tell me the ways this sport and their experiences have shaped them as young women, I feel an immense pride in what we have accomplished.  I feel like I’ve always been on the right path; doing work that truly matters and makes a difference in people’s lives.  And this is the mission I wish to continue- and for the first time, I can honestly say that I will be able to do it my way!  There’s no more “going with the program” and there’s no more moments where I won’t be aligned with the organization that I am involved with.  This time, it will be our program; with the right priorities and the best intentions!  There will be challenges and hard times, there always is… there’s beauty in the struggle.  

     But finally arriving at a place I can call my own, and can build with like-minded coaches and families who LOVE the sport of Volleyball and see the bigger picture that includes building character, leadership and community; all the while giving back to those that need our help…I can finally say that my dreams have come true. 

As they say…HOME is where the Heart is.  

And my heart is with CITY VOLLEYBALL. 

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